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Rila Holy Monastery, 2015

Hieromonk Neophyte of Rila's Anthology contains hymns from Vespers, Mattins, Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, as well as from the Great Lent, the Passion Week and the Bright Week services. Its content resembles Gregory Protopsalte's Anthology, which was printed in 1834 in Constantinople.

In addition to Neophyte's hymns, the collection also includes hymns by other music teachers of Rila, such as Abbot Joseph, Hieromonk Athanasius, and Deacon Isaiah.

It was the wish of Hieromonk Neophyte of Rila to have the musical legacy of Rila Monastery published in a "special book", and a major part of this legacy is actually his personal works. Despite the fact that the present Anthology comes to light 134 years after his death (4 January 1881), the message of it’s content is as relevant now as it was during the time, when the created them. The legacy of Father Neophyte will stand alongside the musical wealth left to us by the great music teachers of the Church over the centuries.

Hieromonk Makariy Chakarov